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Whether you own a multi-million dollar organization or are a small mom-and-pop store, we can provide you a quick and effective way to professionally investigate any theft of money or property, embezzlement, vandalism or damage to property. In other words any economic loss to the company. We will assign a professional investigator with a law enforcement background to conduct employee interviews, gather all criminal background information and take any statements necessary to complete the investigation. Upon the gathering and conclusion of all case information, paperwork to comply with The Employee Polygraph Protection Act will be completed, signed and dated. Polygraph examinations will be scheduled on anyone we could not clear after the investigation was completed.

Keep your workplace safe and theft free by not hiring convicted felons-thieves-sex offenders and drug addicts

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Professional polygraph testing for small businesses and large corporations


In 1998 the Employee Polygraph Protection Act became law. This federal law established guidelines for polygraph testing and imposed restrictions on most private employers. In general, private employers cannot require any job applicant to take a pre-employment polygraph examination. This does not affect Local, State and Federal governmental agencies. It does not affect businesses under contract with the Federal Government involving specified activities (e.g. counterintelligence work). Businesses providing armored car personnel, involved in the design, installation, and maintenance of security alarm systems, or security personnel in facilities which have a significant impact on the health or safety of any state. Examples of these facilities would be nuclear or electric power plant, public water works, or toxic waste disposal. Companies that manufacture, distribute, dispense or deliver controlled substances are also exempted.


The following four criteria must be met before an employer can ask a current employee to take a "specific issue" polygraph examination:


1. The request must be relative to an ongoing investigation involving a specific economic loss to the employer.

2. The employee must have had access to the property, money or area central to the investigation. Access as defined in the law, can mean physical presence or special knowledge, such as the combination to a safe.

3. The employer must have a reasonable articulated suspicion that the employee was involved in the incident under investigation. Reasonable suspicion goes beyond having access, and incorporates such factors as a witness' statement, suspicious behavior on the part of the employee, or significant contradictions between the employee's statements and documented records.

4. The employer must provide the employee a formal written notice at least 48 hours prior to the date and time of the requested polygraph examination, not counting weekends and holidays. The employer's notice must contain at a minimum, a written statement including a complete description of the employer's financial loss, the employee's access to the missing property, results of the employer's investigation, and the basis for the employer's "reasonable suspicion".

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Top leaders in the business community always prescreen their applicants before hiring them.


Security & Polygraph Consultants offer a wide variety of pre-employment screening;


• Specially Desiginated Nationals and Blocked Persons List