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Use our domestic polygraph services to solve or resolve your personal issues in a quick and efficient manner. The highest level of integrity is upheld for confidentiality involving sensitive matters. Your test results are immediate and accurate. Your test can be viewed by CCTV if you desire or you may watch your partner, spouse or other being tested.

Infidelity (cheating)

There are few things that can be more destructive to relationships, families, and friends than suspicion and mistrust. Unexplained absences and phone calls, extensive time spent on the Internet, text messages, unexplained and misleading answers to questions or gossip and rumors are just some of the examples that can cause trust in a relationship to diminsh or be lost. Moving forward becomes difficult, if not impossible. Being uncertain is often worse than knowing the truth, even when the truth is unpleasant. If a partner or spouse is being falsely accused of cheating at some point, no amount of denials can reverse the damage and hurt that has occured. The polygraph will either prove the suspicions false or substantiate them definitively, thus allowing the parties to properly deal with the situation.

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