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Aiding Law Enforcement With Certified Polygraph Testing

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Security & Polygraph Consultants has been conducting pre-employment polygraph testing for the vast majority of police and sheriff's department's, correction facilities and armored car companies in the Greater Cleveland area for over 30 years. These screening tests help insure the cities are getting the best and most qualified applicants for hiring.


Internal Affairs Testing

We also provide specific issue polygraph testing for Internal Affairs investigations regarding employees who have committed any violation of Rules and Regulations. The more serious investigations would include anything they have done where they could have been arrested while serving in the public safety forces.


Criminal Testing

We conduct specific issue polygraph testing on criminal suspects for police departments that do not have their own polygraph examiners. We are available 24/7 to assist any law enforcement agency in any criminal investigation (murder, child molestation, rape, arson, etc.). We can polygraph any suspects to clear the innocent and focus on any suspect who could not be cleared. Our examiners are professional interrogators and will obtain confessions from guilty persons tested the majority of the time.

Pre-employment Testing